Harvest has been an ambitious project kicked off by braindead doom-drone-industrial Senescence and Ingurgitating Oblivion. The objective was to interpret a profoundly moving fruit-corpses still life by Joel-Peter Witkin entitled Harvest. On Ingurgitating Oblivion’s part, one could observe a band clad in a warped sonic attire, displaying a high level of aggression and depth. The IO tracks used for this demo continued to explore sonic complexities and evoked a feeling of utter desolation. IO also used the Harvest tracks for their Cadence and Perspective in Desolation demo. Back in the day, Tim Klöcker’s Senscence generated some pretty fucked-up progressive avant-garde doom which was heavily laden wit blackened tonal mire, whining vocals and super-heavy guitar drones. One of the most sublime elements was the fact these crazies implemented some exquisitely mental saxophone squeaks in their compositions. Completely mental!


(…) probably all locked away in the asylum! Only for the weirdest minds among you. This release is so full of creativity it’ll surely blow your minds. (