Florian Engelke

Guitars & Vocals

Sole remaining original band member // founded IO in 1995 under the name of trees and orchids // renamed the band around 2000 // handles all solo and rhythm guitars // main composer, lyricist, vocalist and producer

Norbert Müller

Guitars & Sound engineering

Joined IO in 2013 // has been contributing some kick-ass solo work and additional rhythm guitars since // handles all sound engineering and recording // keeps things together patiently and structures the chaos

Jan Ferdinand


Session vibraphone player who already contributed some jazz & fusion-oriented chime notes on Continuum of Absence // handles all vibraphones in IOand contributes some dreamy fusion guitar sounds here and there

Chris Zoukas


Joined IO in 2020 on session bass // handles all bass contributions from Athens // band member in Sacral Rage and Violent Definition // jazz and fusion connoisseur // humble human being, striking a sensible balance between utter technicality, sound and feeling

Lille Gruber


Joined IO in 2016 on session drums // drummer in Defeated Sanity // first album contribution for IO on Vision wallows in Symphonies of Light // guitar teacher, composer and jazz-rock, fusion as well as grimy Death Metal enthusiast

Céline Voccia


Joined IO in 2016 on session piano // Céline Voccia is a French pianist, composer and improviser in the free jazz scene in Berlin // Céline studied classical piano at the Geneva Conservatory and jazz music and improvisation in Paris and Berlin

Ava Bonam


Joined IO in 2020 on session vocals // gifted healer, astrologer, paintress, vocal coach, vocalist, piano player and impressive artist with a haunting voice and most subtle timbre // gifted sound engineer and producer herself

Daniel Agi


Joined IO in 2020 on session flute // dedicated to both, the contemporary as well as the classical repertoire // Daniel studied flute in the Conservatories of Cologne and Freiburg with Hans Martin Mueller and Prof. Robert Aitken

Tom „Fountainhead“ Geldschläger

Solo Guitars

Joined IO on session solo guitars in 2021 / he is one of the few guitar virtuosos mastering the fretless guitar in Progressive Rock / Metal / Death Metal / Tom will appear on IO’s 2022 release to be released on Willowtip Records / USA