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A churning maelstrom of technical drums, subsonic atrocities, frantic vocal obscurities, and multi-dimensional guitar atonalities. (

In 2011, after six years of clandestine band-activity, Ingurgitating Oblivion hurled forth Enigmatic Symmetries. The drum position had been changed and the Enigmatic Symmetries demo does document this change of mood within the band as the compositional approach had evolved towards utter chaos, bleakness and franticness.


Enigmatic Symmetries shows off a natural production, prime aggression paired with epic pieces of (a)tonal lunacy. As always, the lyrics are beautifully written and accomplish the overall performance. Clearly, this demo (which earned IO a record deal with Willowtip Records / USA) grants a glimpse of what was bound to follow … the long-awaited 2014 release.