After a hiatus of some years following the last full-length demo under the name of trees and orchids, Ingurgitating Oblivion finally conjured up Voyage towards Abhorrence. The Poetry of the Flesh demo tracks got re-recorded (in fact, Florian re-recorded the bass tracks and parts of the guitars) and the demo pieces were supplemented by two additional tracks. The album combines sludgy heaviness, doomy down-heartedness, blistering ferocity and snaky meanness. Voyage towards Abhorrence certainly was a turning point in Ingurgitating Oblivion’s history and was released by Unmatched Brutality Records / USA.


This is fucking brilliant. It is easily the best technical Death Metal album I have heard since Gorguts left the scene. Fans of the aforementioned, as well as stuff like Cynic and Carcariass are going to want to track this down. I mean that. This is intelligent Brutal Death, with majesty and melody interwoven between its hammering riffs and rhythms, shrieks and growls. After a somewhat Kitaro-ish intro (that seemed to be disturbing almost in spite of itself), I was floored from the get-go with opener Spiralling Out Of The World.  I played it probably three times before it all sunk in. This is how actual musicians might define brutality. (