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Of trees and orchids is one of the only more stridently avant-garde brutal death bands I’ve seen who appear to be making such music not to prove a point, but out of necessity for the songwriting. Always a good thing. (

Thought-cathedral is the second demo / album of trees and orchids put out as a three-piece. Back then, Dirk (formerly Despondency) was in charge of the drums and he clearly accomplished an awe-inspiring job. Thought-cathedral clearly marks a rapid progression within the outfit. The tracks were composed between 1998 and 2000 and recorded in 2000/2001 and naturally document the maturation process of the band. At the turn of the century of trees and orchids played more intricate, sophisticated and brutal material than captured on the debut. Lyrically Florian focused on escapist reveries dealing with the power of contemplation. This demo comes with blastbeats, the use of 7-string guitars for the first time, female vocals and some pretty massive tracks.