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Satisfying in ways that aren’t really explainable but better felt and heard, Vision Wallows in Symphonies of Light, Ingurgitate Oblivion’s 2017 offering, is a magnum opus of genre challenges and style defiance. Trying to wrap your mind around what these masters of the time signature and moody atmospherics create is no easy job. The trick is to never take for granted anything that is being played and never anticipating anything, at least not truly conventional song writing or song structures. (

Vision wallows in Symphonies of Light marks a significant cornerstone in the genesis of IO. Being the successor to Continuum of Absence, Florian Engelke parted ways with the line-up in charge of Continuum of Absence owing to personal and performance-related reasons. On Vision wallows in Symphonies of Light, Florian was finally able to pursue the original idea of the band again – in fact a creative grain instilled in the of trees and orchids outfit already. This original idea has always been about pushing the envelope of both quality and artistic progression. We think Vision wallows in Symphonies of Light is a solid testimony of just that.